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Experimenting with Social Bookmarking: Delicious

The following blog post is an updated re-posting from my shared blog mayerandmckee.blogpsot.com. I’m still wanting to meet more people who use Delicious.

Delicious.com is a social bookmarking site.  If you are unfamiliar with social bookmarking, it is essentially social media designed for collecting web resources and sharing them with others.If you have never tried social bookmarking, I would encourage you to check it out.  I must admit that I may be “a little late to the party” with Delicious, which has existed since 2003.

If you, like me, also live under a rock, I’ll share what I’ve learned.Similar to Google, you can search for a topic of interest, and find a list of sites.  However, once you explore the sites, if you would like to come back to a particular website, you can bookmark it.  Delicious encourages you to add notes for yourself (and others) about the site, which enables you to personalize information for yourself.

You can also add a tag to websites.  For example, if you are searching for young adult novels to add to your classroom library and you find the site for one you want to remember, you can add a tag like “Young Adult” or “YALit”.  Now when you have time to check out a few of the books during summer break, you simply click to find all of the items with that tag.  I have a million unsorted bookmarks on my web browser, but I feel like Delicious would encourage me to use sorting for future reference.  Using tags can also help my “followers”.

…or at least it can when I have some followers.

Yes, Delicious also gives the option for you to follow others’ bookmarks or for others to follow yours, much like Twitter.  Since I enjoy reading the educators’ tweets, I believe this is my favorite feature of Delicious.  The site will even let you search for Facebook friends and Twitter followers who are Delicious users, so you can begin following their bookmarks.

Overall, I believe that Delicious (or another social bookmarking tool) could be helpful for most educators.  Like most teachers, I like to collect “stuff”, and Delicious provides an option for organizing my digital stuff with the added bonus of sharing it with others. I used to use my “favorites” on Twitter as a type of bookmarking, but now I have too many to use that function for bookmarking. I believe Delicious could be a much better way to store links for later use.

Check out my page on Delicious.  And if you want, follow me.  You could be the second! The awesome @jameskaufholz was the first!