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After attending the NCTIES 2014 conference, I have learned about so many cool new technology tools.

I have to share the really awesome ColAR app.  This morning I printed some of the free coloring pages from colarapp.com.  This particular one  is  a “holiday” image of pumpkins.  My son loves pumpkins all year, so I thought it would be a perfect one to try.  He and I commenced coloring the pumpkins together which resulted in this final product.


But then, using the the ColAR (the capital AR stands for Augmented Reality) app on the iPad brought the coloring page to life.


These are not static images.  They are dancing, jumping, and spinning.  My son loves this, and so do I.  You must check out this fun app whether you are a parent or a teacher!

You are sure to hear more about things I learned at NCTIES over the next few weeks.